Frequently asked questions

We have brought together general questions related to the trading account and the software for you in our FAQ section.

Opening an account

You have two possible ways of opening an account with Agora direct.

  1. Our online account opening form. Complete this with your details and then send us the account opening documents after signing them by post or mail.
  2. You can also have the account opening documents sent to you by post.

We basically need the following for you to open an account:

  1. The signed application to open an account,
  2. Proof of identity(e.g. ID card, passport)
  3. Proof of address (e.g. land line phone bill, electricity bill, gas bill).

Once you have completed the account opening form online, you can save the complete application to open an account including a checklist and print it. The checklist includes all the documents, which we require to open an account for you.

Cash account

A cash account enables you to trade in shares, option certificates, bonds and funds according to the cash that you have. You cannot engage in any margin trading. There is no minimum deposit required. You can only open a cash account until you are 21.

Multi-currency account with an overdraft facility (margin account)

A multi-currency account enables you to trade beyond your cash credit by providing securities/an overdraft. It is only necessary to provide security, which is much lower than the purchase price. This gives you more room for manoeuvre. Margin trading is possible once you have deposited EUR 2,000.

The multi-currency account is managed in a base currency and allows you to purchase or sell shares, options and futures in a different currency without previously exchanging the currency. This enables you to respond to market situations around the world in a matter of seconds.

You can have a private, joint or company account set up. Please use the checklist to discover which documents are required for each type of account; it is enclosed with the documents for opening an account.

No. There is no minimum turnover and there are no account or deposit fees.

Regardless of whether you have opted for a cash or margin account, you can keep different currencies in your account at the same time and trade with them.

The base currency does not play a role here. It merely indicates in which currency your account balance and the account statements are provided. You can of course change the base currency on your own within 24 hours.

You can find all the relevant information related to protection for depositors’ accounts on our website under security

In order to be able to set up a demo account, a capitalised account first needs to be set up. You can then apply for a demo account in the account administration section.

However, please note that you act independently in a demo account and we cannot offer any support here.

Account administration

After opening an account, we make available to you an extensive overview of the account statement and free annual account statements for your tax return. As no taxes are deducted through our trading system, you are responsible for paying all the taxes.

You basically do not need any real-time market prices in order to trade with AGORA direct.
However, you have the option of taking out a subscription for real-time market prices or deleting an existing subscription. Here is a summary of selected real-time market prices packages:

  • German shares: German (XETRA) derivatives
  • DAX and other indices for shares, raw materials markets: German ETFs and indices
  • US shares: e.g. US Value Bundle
  • US options: US options

Yes. You can receive notification of delayed data free of charge with many products. This has a delay of approx. 15-20 minutes.

You can make payments to your trading account by bank transfer. Enter your account number and your first name and surname. You must send a message that you are paying in money before making the payment so that the money can be credited to your trading account.

You can see the data for the receiving bank in the “My Agora“ account administration section when you send us a message about paying in funds.

You can make payments to your bank through your trading account. The transfer process normally takes 1-3 days.

No, all the entries are made without any tax deductions. You receive a comprehensive annual summary for your personal account at the end of the year and you can use it to submit your tax return.

No, this is not necessary, as no taxes are deducted as a matter of principle.

Transferring deposits

In order to make the transfer to Agora as simple as possible, we have saved an

and you can complete this online.
Please note that we require the original completed online and signed in order to initiate the transfer.

A deposit transfer to Agora does not cost anything.

Please note: It is possible that your current broker may charge fees when transferring securities; please obtain the information about this from your broker.


A call option is a purchase option which gives you the right to purchase the goods for a particular price (exercice price) and at a particular time (term).

When selling an option, the purchaser pays the vendor an option price, which it can receive in each case. The purchaser of a call option can then decide whether to purchase the share under the agreed conditions or not. If the purchaser makes use of his rights, the vendor is obliged to issue the shares at the exercise price.

A put option is a sales option which gives you the right to sell the goods at a particular price (exercice price) and at a particular time (term).

When purchasing an option, the vendor pays the purchaser an option price, which it can receive in each case. The vendor of a put option can then decide whether to sell the share under the agreed conditions or not. If the vendor makes use of his rights, the purchaser is obliged to purchase the shares at the exercise price.

Agora direct itself does not deduct any settlement tax.
The settlement tax, which has existed since 1 January 2009, is not settled directly by Agora direct after each closing trade, but only at the end of the calendar year by the customer. This provides the huge advantage of not completing the accounts and deducting the settlement tax until 31 December in any year.
Customers are responsible for accounting as part of their tax return.

The so-called multiplicator indicates the number of options in the contract. A contract normally has 100 options.

Yes, you can trade certificates with us too.

Deutsche Terminbörse, or German Derivatives Exchange. The European Exchange (EUREX) is one of the world’s largest derivatives exchange for financial derivatives, which emerged as a result of the merger between DTB and SOFFEX (Switzerland).

The trading software is also available in German, depending on your selection at the start of the software (English, Chinese).

Yes, stock exchanges demand a fee for real-time market prices, which we pass on to customers without any surcharge. To the real-time market prices.

Your order is placed in the market in a matter of milliseconds. Orders that are traded are also entered in your account in milliseconds.

Yes. You can obtain more information on CFDs under the following heading products and prices.

A certain security payment is required for trading with derivatives (particularly with leverage products). The total value of all your share positions and the value of your cash deposits generally count as securities here.

The security for a margin is the minimum amount of securities, which must be available in your portfolio in order to be able to complete a transaction (initial margin) or maintain the position (maintenance margin).

DAX call sale 5600 points
DAX call purchase 5400 points

That is to say, you promise to sell a DAX contract at 5600, if the value is below 5600 on the expiry date. Each point amounts to EUR 25. Hedging takes place at 5400. From this point on, you have the securitised right to close the position again. A risk of 5600 - 5400 = 200 remains.


We make available the ATS trading software for Windows, Mac and Linux and the Web Trader (online trading) and Agora Mobile (app for Android, iPhone/iPad, Blackberry and Windows Phone).

Yes and no. The more extensive and professional option involves trading with Agora Mobile App. Plase note: special information is only possible in restricted form with any mobile access.

No. You need to download this approx. every 6 months. In order to discover when the last update took place, go to "Help" in the trading mask and then to "Copyright ATS". You will find the date of the last update there. Alternatively, you can read the date at the bottom right-hand corner in the login window when starting the software.

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