Opening an account

You have two possible ways of opening an account with Agora direct.

  1. Our online account opening form. Complete this with your details and then send us the account opening documents after signing them by post or mail.
  2. You can also have the account opening documents sent to you by post.

We basically need the following for you to open an account:

  1. The signed application to open an account,
  2. Proof of identity(e.g. ID card, passport)
  3. Proof of address (e.g. land line phone bill, electricity bill, gas bill).

Once you have completed the account opening form online, you can save the complete application to open an account including a checklist and print it. The checklist includes all the documents, which we require to open an account for you.

Cash account

A cash account enables you to trade in shares, option certificates, bonds and funds according to the cash that you have. You cannot engage in any margin trading. There is no minimum deposit required. You can only open a cash account until you are 21.

Multi-currency account with an overdraft facility (margin account)

A multi-currency account enables you to trade beyond your cash credit by providing securities/an overdraft. It is only necessary to provide security, which is much lower than the purchase price. This gives you more room for manoeuvre. Margin trading is possible once you have deposited EUR 2,000.

The multi-currency account is managed in a base currency and allows you to purchase or sell shares, options and futures in a different currency without previously exchanging the currency. This enables you to respond to market situations around the world in a matter of seconds.

You can have a private, joint or company account set up. Please use the checklist to discover which documents are required for each type of account; it is enclosed with the documents for opening an account.

No. There is no minimum turnover and there are no account or deposit fees.

Regardless of whether you have opted for a cash or margin account, you can keep different currencies in your account at the same time and trade with them.

The base currency does not play a role here. It merely indicates in which currency your account balance and the account statements are provided. You can of course change the base currency on your own within 24 hours.

You can find all the relevant information related to protection for depositors’ accounts on our website under security

In order to be able to set up a demo account, a capitalised account first needs to be set up. You can then apply for a demo account in the account administration section.

However, please note that you act independently in a demo account and we cannot offer any support here.

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