Opening a trading account

Opening a trading account

Opening a trading account is possible for anyone aged 18 or above. Cash accounts can be opened once you are 21. Shares, options certificates, bonds and funds can all be traded with cash accounts. No minimum deposit is neccessary to open an account.

To set up a trading account, we require the following documents from you:

You will find a checklist with all the documents that we require from you at the following Online account application form. As soon as we have received all the necessary documents from you, we will open your own trading account for you within one week .

Apply for your account now:

Do you already have products with a different bank and the fees that you are paying are too high?

Would you like to transfer products from another bank/broker to an AGORA direct account? AGORA direct offers you the opportunity to transfer your products easily and free of charge.

You initiate a depot transfer via the account management of your trading account.You simply create a deposit transfer order online and inform your bank about the transfer.

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