About the ATS trading software

ATS Handelssoftware Chart AnsichtATS trading software

We offer you a powerful programme in the form of ATS trading software so that you can trade as a professional or beginning around the globe professionally, flexibly and independently – regardless of whether you prefer to work with Windows, Mac or UNIX/Linux.


Using the ATS trading software, you can:

ATS Handelssoftware Portfolio Fenster

We also provide you with support with regard to installation, configuring and setting all the stock exchange products and tools.

Software requirements

PCMac (Apple)Linux
MinimumEmpfohlen abMinimumEmpfohlen abMinimumEmpfohlen ab
BetriebssystemWindows VistaWindows 7 oder höherMac OSX 10.11Mac OSX 10.13 oder höherKernel 2.6ab Kernel 3.0
BrowserInternet Explorer 11.0
Firefox 32.0
Chrome 37.0
Safari 7.1
Firefox 32.0
Chrome 37.0
Firefox 32.0
Chrome 37.0
Bildschirmauflösung1024 x 768Dual Screen, 1280 x 10241024 x 768Dual Screen, 1280 x 10241024 x 768Dual Screen, 1280 x 1024
ProzessorIntel i3Intel i5Intel i3Intel i5Intel i3Intel i5
Speicher4GB Ram8GB Ram4GB Ram8GB Ram4GB Ram8GB Ram
InternetverbindungBreitbandBreitband mit SicherungBreitbandBreitband mit SicherungBreitbandBreitband mit Sicherung
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