An introduction to Agora

Agora direct™ was developed via several stages to turn it into a leading platform for online stock exchange trading.

"Agora direct opens up horizons on stock exchanges"

Agora direct™ offers a real-time trading system for European, US, Canadian and Asian stock exchanges.

The special feature: customers can trade around the globe in fractions of seconds with excellent conditions using a single multi-currency account and via a single trading surface. This means that you have access to millions of securities, options, futures, bonds, raw materials etc. in 24 countries at more than 120 stock exchanges.

Real-time trading

Innovative ideas and cross-system networks ensure that users enjoy the shortest response times at the rapidly moving financial markets. As AGORA is a strong and competent partner, you will receive the best possible service that you can expect.

Personal customer support

As a result of the professional customer support you as a customer receive the expertise required for successful stock exchange transactions.

Statutory regulations

Almost every kind of services for financial investments in Europe require a legally regulated permit from a supervisory body. AGORA direct does not provide any regulated financial services within the meaning of the German Banking Act KWG.

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