Access to stock markets for all!

AGORA direct offers you professional market trading.

It does not matter whether you are an experienced premium trader or an occasional trader or a newcomer ore are trading for your retirement. We make available extensive, free and individual support for markets every trading day.

No minimum investment is neccessary!

Welcome to Agora!

  • Trade at more than 120 stock exchanges around the globe without any capital gains tax
  • No minimum investment is necessary!
  • Make use of our low-cost conditions
  • Free account management
  • Free software for all operating systems!
  • High security standards
  • Keep track of things anywhere and at any time – on mobile devices too with our app
  • Individual and patient customer support – not a call centre!

Customers attract customers

Kunden werben Kunden

The "Customers attract customers" campaign is our
"thank you programme" to express our gratitude to our customers for their private advertising activities to gain new customers.

Not only the new customer benefits from our campaign, but you do too!

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