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Scope of application

The general terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as GTC) apply to the relationship between

First Quant GmbH
Registered Office:
Schwäbische Str. 5
10781 Berlin

and the users or customers.

Only the terms and conditions of First Quant GmbH do apply. Changes are only valid for clients if they are made in writing.


First Quant GmbH is the operator of the website http://www.agora-direct.com. The applicable regulations for use are listed on the website under Privacy Policy, Legal notes, Terms and Conditions for Website Usage and Terms and Conditions. These are the legal and organizational information and principles on which the operation of this website, the offer for users and customers and the business activities of First Quant GmbH are based. The customer recognizes these rules as binding, otherwise First Quant GmbH must reject all possible claims and complaints from users and customers herewith in full.


First Quant GmbH is also known as AGORA direct, AGORA direct™, AGORA-direct, or AGORA-direct™. on the website and in the forms. Interested parties, users and customers recognize this linguistic regulation.

Business activity

As an independent service provider for stock exchange transactions, First Quant GmbH offers the brokerage of accounts for customers to international brokers and banks through which customers can independently process their stock exchange transactions. First Quant GmbH offers support for filling out the respective account opening documents. First Quant GmbH provides general information, if so requested by the customer, about trading in products that can be traded on the stock exchange and how they are processed. First Quant GmbH provides the software and/or devices required for stock exchange transactions on request. First Quant GmbH provides general consulting services in connection with the opening and management of trading accounts. First Quant GmbH does not provide any financial services within the meaning of the KWG.


The customer pays a fee for every stock exchange transaction. This fee is used to cover the costs that are necessary to process the stock exchange transaction. First Quant GmbH and their contractual partners receive a commission from the account-holding institute for referring customers.

Obligations of the customer

The customer must provide the information required in the account opening order completely and truthfully and send them signed together with further documents to First Quant GmbH. The customer is solely responsible for the completeness and correctness of all information. The customer is obliged to inform First Quant GmbH immediately of all important facts and their changes. The customer is obliged to notify immediately any important changes in the economic situation regarding his assets. All communications to First Quant GmbH must be understandable. Any consequences of incomplete notifications are borne solely by the customer. The notifications must be timed so that First Quant GmbH can implement them. First Quant GmbH is released by the customer from liability for any damage if damage is caused by non-compliance or disregard of the terms and conditions.

Obligations of First Quant GmbH

First Quant GmbH receives an account opening order signed by the customer, First Quant GmbH is obliged to forward the customer order in such a way that the account opening order can be fulfilled by the recipient broker or bank. First Quant GmbH is obliged to check the information only formally, whether the customer has formally filled in the necessary information in the account opening order. First Quant GmbH is not obliged to check whether this information corresponds to the facts. First Quant GmbH does not guarantee that the account opening order will also be accepted by the recipient broker or bank and that an exchange trading account will be opened.

Risk information

The customer acknowledges that when trading financial instruments, regardless of the risk category, there is a general risk of total loss. First Quant GmbH does not make investment recommendations at any time. Incidentally, First Quant GmbH hereby refers to the risk information in the account opening order. The newsletters created by First Quant GmbH are at no time a request to trade or act on stock exchange products.


First Quant GmbH is only liable according to these terms and conditions. If these terms and conditions do not regulate a contentious issue, the statutory provisions apply. The compensation is limited to intent and gross negligence. Compensation for damages resulting from simple negligence is only available insofar as this is required by law. The availability of the First Quant GmbH website (e.g. www.agora-direct.com) cannot be 100 percent guaranteed. First Quant GmbH is only liable for damage if intent or gross negligence on the part of First Quant GmbH is proven. First Quant GmbH is generally not liable for services from contracts that First Quant GmbH has brokered.


Our service language is German. Other languages offered are Polish and English. Even if First Quant GmbH strives for complete and correct translations, First Quant GmbH assumes no liability for the topicality, correctness, completeness or quality of the translations provided.

Changes to the terms and conditions

Changes to these terms and conditions are made available to the customer in his customer portal in the current version. They are considered approved if the customer has not raised an objection to them within eight weeks of being made available. The sending of the objection is decisive for the deadline.

Final regulations

The law of the Federal Republic of Germany applies, the place of jurisdiction is Berlin. First Quant GmbH can also take legal action at the customer‘s place of jurisdiction.

Severability clause

Should any part of these terms and conditions be or become invalid, the remaining rules remain unaffected. There is an obligation to replace the ineffective part with a part that comes closest to the invalid part.

Effective, Berlin 30. March 2021

First Quant GmbH

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