Account administration

After opening an account, we make available to you an extensive overview of the account statement and free annual account statements for your tax return. As no taxes are deducted through our trading system, you are responsible for paying all the taxes.

You basically do not need any real-time market prices in order to trade with AGORA direct.
However, you have the option of taking out a subscription for real-time market prices or deleting an existing subscription. Here is a summary of selected real-time market prices packages:

  • German shares: German (XETRA) derivatives
  • DAX and other indices for shares, raw materials markets: German ETFs and indices
  • US shares: e.g. US Value Bundle
  • US options: US options

Yes. You can receive notification of delayed data free of charge with many products. This has a delay of approx. 15-20 minutes.

You can make payments to your trading account by bank transfer. Enter your account number and your first name and surname. You must send a message that you are paying in money before making the payment so that the money can be credited to your trading account.

You can see the data for the receiving bank in the “My Agora“ account administration section when you send us a message about paying in funds.

You can make payments to your bank through your trading account. The transfer process normally takes 1-3 days.

No, all the entries are made without any tax deductions. You receive a comprehensive annual summary for your personal account at the end of the year and you can use it to submit your tax return.

No, this is not necessary, as no taxes are deducted as a matter of principle.

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