CFDs – Contracts for Difference

Trade in CFDs on shares and indices with extremely favourable conditions at Agora direct. CFDs are some of the leverage products and are a flexible alternative to trading in shares.

You can bet on rising and falling share prices with CFDs. You do not trade in the basic value, but exclusively in the change in its price and value – as a result, only one part of the actual value of the share has to be used.

In order to be able to trade in CFDs, you must have a margin to sell and also to maintain the item in your account. This percentage proportion of the actual trading amount is frozen and only released again after the sale.

You have access to trade in two kinds of CFDs: index CFDs and share CFDs.

Price table for index CFDs

CFDs on indices - stock exchangeTrading CurrencyTrade commission including feesMinimum
DowJones Industrial 30USD0,01%1,50 USD
S&P 500USD0,01%2,50 USD
NASDAQ 100USD0,02%2,00 USD
DAX 30Euro0,01%1,50 EUR
MDAX50Euro0,02%2,00 EUR
TecDAX30Euro0,02%2,00 EUR
DJ Eurostoxx 50Euro0,02%2,50 EUR
FTSE 100 UKGBP0,01%1,35 GBP
FTSE Mid-Cap 250 UKGBP0,02%2,00 GBP
SMI 20 SwitzerlandCHF0,02%2,00 CHF
CAC 40 FranceEuro0,02%2,00 EUR
OBX 25 NorwayNOK0,02%10, 00 NOK
OMX 30 SwedenSEK0,02%10,00 SEK
OMX 20 / 25 DenmarkDKK0,02%10,00 DKK
IBEX 35 SpainEuro0,02%2,00 EUR
FTSE MIB 40 ItalyEuro0,02%2,00 EUR
AMS FTA NetherlandsEuro0,02%2,00 EUR
BEL20 BelgiumEuro0,02%2,00 EUR
PSI 20 PortugalEuro0,02%2,00 EUR
Nikkei 225YEN0,02%50,00 JPY
Hang Seng Stock IndexHKD0,02%14,00 HKD
ASX 200 IndexAUD0,02%2,50 AUD

Price table for share CFDs

CFD's on shares - stock exchangeTrading CurrencyTrade commission including feesMinimum
EUR0,08%4,75 EUR
USDthe first 1,000 CFDs only ever $ 0.019 per CFD3,00 USD
USDFrom the 1,001th CFD only $ 0.01 per CFD0,00 USD
Great Britain
GBP0,09%3,90 GBP
CHF0,09%3,90 CHF
PLN0,09%19,00 PLN
EUR0,09%5,75 EUR
SEK015%49,00 SEK
DKK0,09%49,00 DKK
NOK0,09%49,00 NOK
Czech Republic
CZK0,23%100,00 CZK
HUF0,23%1200 HUF
South Africa
ZAR0,24%100,00 ZAR
CAD0,02 per CFD6,00 CAD
BRL0,24%30,00 BRL
AUD0,06%5,50 AUD
JPY0,09%550,00 JPY
Hong Kong (including stamp duty and SFC transaction tax)
HKD0,22%60,00 HKD
SGD0,15%5,00 SGD

Price table for CFDs on currencies

codeTrading CurrencyTrade commission including feesMinimum
AUDAustralian Dollar0,004 %3,50 AUD
CADCanadian Dollar0,004 %3,50 CAD
CHFSwiss Franc0,004 %2,50 CHF
CNHChinese Renminbi Yuan0,004 %17,00 CHN
CZKCzech Crown0,004 %55,00 CZK
DKKDanish Crown0,004 %15,50 DKK
EUREuro0,004 %2,00 EUR
GBPPound Sterling0,004 %1,85 GBP
HKDHong Kong Dollar0,004 %22,00 HKD
HUFForint0,004 %650,00 HUF
ILSNew Shekel0,004 %8,75 ILS
JPYYEN0,004 %275,00 JPY
MXNMexican Peso0,004 %46,50 MXN
NOKNorwegian Krone0,004 %20,00 NOK
NZDNew Zealand Dollar0,004 %15,00 NZD
PLNZloty0,004 %9,00 PLN
RUBRussian Ruble0,004 %160,00 RUB
SEKSwedish Crown0,004 %22,00 SEK
SGDSingapore Dollars0,004 %3,30 SGD
USDU.S. Dollar0,004 %2,50 USD
ZARRand0,004 %30,00 ZAR

Heavy traders – volume discounts for private and institutional traders

We draw up individually agreed commission rates for regular traders, premium traders or heavy traders and for commercial traders and asset managers. Please get in touch with us contact

You will find all the current tradable CFDs in our product search for CFDs.


CFDs are a product, where you do business on the difference between the current and future market price of a share or an index, and this can be traded outside stock exchanges too.

General facts on CFD

Index CFDs

You can obtain a broader foothold in the market with index CFDs than with other financial instruments

Index CFDs also offer the following significant benefits:

Share CFDs

There are also possible tax advantages associated with trading in CFDs; trading in CFDs offers the following benefits:

CFDs on currencies

High transparency and fair prices are the decisive basis for a long-term customer relationship. Therefore, trading in CFDs on currencies is invoiced by using a very transparent fee structure. It is expressly waived, that additional intransparent price surcharges are added to the original price quotations and thus the impression being created that (allegedly) no provisions will be charged, as it is usual for many other Forex providers to the detriment of the customer.

The actual very narrow spreads of the interbank market are available to you as a client, because price quotation streams are fed by 14 of the world's leading forex traders with a total market share of over 78%1. As a result, quotes are displayed with an accuracy of sometimes only 0.1 PIP. Your private account will display these rates as they are received by forex traders without an artificially offset and added spread.

1Source: Euromoney FX Survey FX Poll 2016: The Euromoney FX Survey is the largest global survey of foreign exchange service providers.


Contact National stock exchange regulations & fees Risks Example of calculation Product request

If you have any questions or require some explanation, please contact us on stock exchange trading days on the following number +49 (030) 789 59 75 - 0 or make use of our contact form.

Information for trading with CFDs on indices:
  • A claim for trading fees exists with each order and for all types of orders
  • The trading fees shown are final prices – they include all the stock exchange and other outside expenses, if they are not listed separately
  • The value-added-tax (VAT), in many cases also called the consumer tax or the tax on goods or services, is calculated separately for the services concerned

Example: Assuming that the DJ Eurostoxx 50 (IBEU50) stands at 3,500 points

The minimum order is EUR 1.00 x 3,050 points = EUR 10120.50; a sum amounting to EUR 1,091.00 as security (margin) must be available for this.

Information for trading with CFDs on shares:
  • A claim for trading fees exists with each order and for all types of orders
  • The trading fees shown are final prices – they include all the stock exchange and other outside expenses, if they are not listed separately
  • The value-added-tax (VAT), in many cases also called the consumer tax or the tax on goods or services, is calculated separately for the services concerned
  • Any changed orders as the cancellation and replacement of an existing order by the new order. At certain stock exchanges, this may create a situation where the current minimum commission due for changed orders is handled in the same way as for new orders. If, for example, you place an order for 200 shares, of which 100 shares are traded and you then change the order, in response to which the remaining 100 shares are traded, the minimum fee will be due for both trading actions. Any orders, which remain overnight, are viewed as new orders for the purposes of calculating the minimum order on the following day
Warnings on the risks
  • Trading with CFDs is not suitable for all investors. As CFDs are leveraged products, customers may suffer considerable losses, which may exceed the original amount invested in certain circumstances
  • Your CFD agreement is concluded with Interactive Brokers (U.K.) Limited. Interactive Brokers (U.K.) Limited has been certified by the Financial Services Authority (“FSA”) and is regulated by it. Registration number: 208159
Other important information
  • Trading in CFDs is offered to customers with their main place of residence outside the USA and Canada, with the exception of the customers with their place of residence in Australia and Hong Kong
  • Customers, who meet the necessary conditions, must apply for trading authorisation for CFDs through the account management department and ensure that they have subscribed to the market data for the stock exchange where the underlying share is listed, which they would like to trade as a CFD
  • A market data subscription is required for index CFDs for trading in index CFDs. This subscription is available free of charge
Example of calculations for an index CFD:
Example of calculations in EUR:

You purchase 6 CFDs on the “DJ Eurostoxx 50” at a market price of 3,050 points
= 6 CFDs x 3,050 (price of CFD) = EUR 18,300.00
18,300.00 x 0.02% (commission) =
just EUR 3.66 in fees, including everything

Example of calculation in USD:

You purchase 3 CFDs on the Dow Jones Industrial 30 at a market price of 17,150 points
= 3 CFDs x 17,150 (price of CFD) = USD 51,450.00
= 17,150.00 x 0.01% (commission) =
just USD 5.15 in fees, including everything

Example of calculations for a share CFD:
Example of calculations in EUR:

You purchase 100 CFDs for SAP at a market price of EUR 55.00
= 100 CFDs x EUR 55.00 (price of CFD) = EUR 5,500.00
= 5,500.00 x 0.09% (commission) =
just EUR 4.95 in fees, including everything

Example of calculations in USD:

You purchase 300 CFDs for Boeing at a market price of USD 125.00
= 300 CFDs x 125.00 (price of CFD) = USD 37,500.00
= 300 x USD 0.09 (per CFD) =
just USD 2.55 in fees, including everything

Example of calculations: net financing costs for a share CFD

In the following example, a particular share (underlying) is listed at EUR 10.00 and as the CFD reference price genuinely reflects the market price of this share, the list price of the share CFD also amounts to EUR 10.00.

You purchase 300 CFDs each for EUR 10.00, i.e. EUR 3,000.00 in total. You keep this item for a period of 30 days.

Market price of the underlying share: EUR 10.00
CFD market price: EUR 10.00
Action: purchase
Quantity: 300
Duration: 30 days
Trading value: EUR 3,000.00
Margin (10% of EUR 3,000.00): EUR 300.00

Interest on the debit balance of EUR 3,000.00 for 30 days:
EUR 3,000.00 at 2.58% p.a. = EUR 77.40 divided by 360 days = a daily interest rate of just EUR 0.21

Net financing costs for 30 days: just EUR 6.36

Example of calculations: costs for CFDs on currencies

Example: $50,000 USD.EUR CFD contracts = only $2.00, all inclusive
(50,000, - multiplied by 0,00004 = 2,00)

Do you need some information on the transaction fee for a particular product? Then send us an e-mail using our contact form.

CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 64% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs, FX or any of our other products work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.
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