Fees & interest

Fees & interest

Telephone orders and account statements

Telephone orders are free of charge.

Account statements are also free of charge.
Fees are charged for requests for account statements (older than three calendar years ago) or tax documents from third parties (ClearStream Bank Frankfurt).
You can request these from Agora direct.

Tax Voucher

Withholding tax tax voucher for dividends received on German shares (“individual tax certificate”)30 EUR per line
Tax voucher for dividends received on French shares "Form 5000/5001"125 EUR per line
Withholding tax tax voucher for dividends received on Swiss shares15 CHF per line

Transfer fees and disbursements

All SEPA bank transfers are free of charge.

Cancellation and change fees

Any cancellation/deletion of an order is always a change too and is therefore viewed as such.

ProduktGutschrift für ausgeführte OrderänderungenGebühr für Orderänderungen
Stock order - smart routernono
Eurex options and futuresup to 2.50 EUR on the same day0.50 EUR volume-free by order
US optionsup to 3.75 USD per order1.20 USD volume-free by order


The interest rates listed here relate to the interest of the base currency in question, which is subject to normal market fluctuations. There may be fluctuations in the specific day accounts, but they are always calculated in favour of the customer.

CurrencyWertpapierkreditbetragSollzins auf Wertpapierkredit
USDto 12.000.000,00max. 9,7%
ab 12.000.000,01Kunden fordern ein individuelles Zinsangebot an
AUDto 15.000.000,00max. 9,345%
ab 15.000.000,01Kunden fordern ein individuelles Zinsangebot an
CADto 15.000.000,00max. 9,055%
ab 15.000.000,01Kunden fordern ein individuelles Zinsangebot an
CHFto 20.000.000,00max. 7,5%
ab 20.000.000,01Kunden fordern ein individuelles Zinsangebot an
CNY/CNHto 125.000.000,00max. 12,48%
ab 125.000.000,01Kunden fordern ein individuelles Zinsangebot an
CZKto 400.000.000,00max. 9,722%
ab 400.000.000,01Kunden fordern ein individuelles Zinsangebot an
DKKto 120.000.000,00max. 9%
ab 120.000.000,01Kunden fordern ein individuelles Zinsangebot an
EURto 10.000.000,00max. 7,5%
ab 10.000.000,01Kunden fordern ein individuelles Zinsangebot an
GBPto 8.000.000,00max. 8,115%
ab 8.000.000,01Kunden fordern ein individuelles Zinsangebot an
HKDto 78.000.000,00max. 9,529%
ab 78.000.000,01Kunden fordern ein individuelles Zinsangebot an
HUFto 4.500.000.000,00max. 11%
ab 4.500.000.000,01Kunden fordern ein individuelles Zinsangebot an
ILSto 80.000.000,00max. 11%
ab 80.000.000,01Kunden fordern ein individuelles Zinsangebot an
INRAllemax. 12%
JPYto,00max. 7,5%
ab,01Kunden fordern ein individuelles Zinsangebot an
KRWto,00max. 9,5%
ab,01Kunden fordern ein individuelles Zinsangebot an
MXNto 1.700.000.000,00max. 15,2%
ab 1.700.000.000,01Kunden fordern ein individuelles Zinsangebot an
NOKto 85.000.000,00max. 8,089%
ab 85.000.000,01Kunden fordern ein individuelles Zinsangebot an
NZDto 16.000.000,00max. 9,311%
ab fordern ein individuelles Zinsangebot an
PLNto 40.000.000,00max. 10,168%
ab 40.000.000,01Kunden fordern ein individuelles Zinsangebot an
RUBto 660.000.000,00max. 16,792%
ab 660.000.000,01Kunden fordern ein individuelles Zinsangebot an
SEKto 85.000.000,00max. 7,5%
ab 85.000.000,01Kunden fordern ein individuelles Zinsangebot an
SGDto 15.000.000,00max. 9,015%
ab 15.000.000,01Kunden fordern ein individuelles Zinsangebot an
ZARto 2.500.000.000,00max. 12,301%
ab 2.500.000.000,01Kunden fordern ein individuelles Zinsangebot an
Interest is valid from 26. November 2021table=interest_security_credit;dbid=8;lang=en_GB

CurrencyBarguthaben to/abGuthabenstaffelZinsen auf Barguthaben
USDBarguthaben to10.000,000.000 %
Barguthaben ab10.000,010.000 %
AUDBarguthaben to15.000,000.000 %
Barguthaben ab15.000,01 - 150.000,00-0.012 %
Barguthaben ab150.000,01-0.012 %
CADBarguthaben to14.000,000.000 %
Barguthaben ab14.000,010.000 %
CHFBarguthaben to50.000,000.000 %
Barguthaben ab50.000,01-1,25%
CNY/CNHBarguthaben toAlle0.000 %
CZKBarguthaben to2.500.000,000.000 %
Barguthaben ab2.500.000,010.000 %
DKKBarguthaben to300.000,000.000 %
Barguthaben ab300.000,01-1,10%
EURBarguthaben to50.000,000.000 %
Barguthaben ab50.000,01-1,26%
GBPBarguthaben to7.000,000.000 %
Barguthaben ab7.000,010.000 %
HKDBarguthaben to78.000,000.000 %
Barguthaben ab78.000,010.000 %
HUFBarguthaben to2.800.000,000.000 %
Barguthaben ab2.800.000,010.000 %
ILSBarguthaben toAlle0.000 %
INRBarguthaben toAlle0.000 %
JPYBarguthaben to5.000.000,000.000 %
Barguthaben ab5.000.000,01-0,61%
KRWBarguthaben to12.000.000,000.000 %
Barguthaben ab12.000.000,010.000 %
MXNBarguthaben to170.000,000.000 %
Barguthaben ab170.000,011.663 %
NOKBarguthaben to85.000,000.000 %
Barguthaben ab85.000,010.000 %
NZDBarguthaben to16.000,000.000 %
Barguthaben ab16.000,010.000 %
PLNBarguthaben to400.000,000.000 %
Barguthaben ab400.000,010.000 %
RUBBarguthaben to700.000,000.000 %
Barguthaben ab700.000,011.473 %
SEKBarguthaben to400.000,000.000 %
Barguthaben ab400.000,01-0,91%
SGDBarguthaben to15.000,000.000 %
Barguthaben ab15.000,010.000 %
ZARBarguthaben to150.000,000.000 %
Barguthaben ab150.000,010.095 %
Interest is valid from 26. November 2021table=interest_deposit;dbid=8;lang=en_GB



CurrencyPositionSollzins auf Wertpapierkredit
EURLong6.915 %
Short-0.585 %
USDLong7.573 %
Short0.000 %
AUDLong7.488 %
Short-0.012 %
CHFLong6.696 %
Short-0.804 %
GBPLong7.513 %
Short0.000 %
HKDLong7.542 %
Short0.000 %
JPYLong7.392 %
Short-0.108 %
Interest is valid from 26. November 2021table=interest_index_cfds;dbid=8;lang=en_GB


CurrencyPositionCFD-PositionswertSollzins auf Wertpapierkredit
EURLongto 90.000,006.915 %
Longab 90.000,01 - 900.000,006.415 %
Longab 900.000,015.915 %
Shortto 90.000,00-0.585 %
Shortab 90.000,01 - 900.000,00-0.585 %
Shortab 900.000,01-0.585 %
USDLongto 100.000,007.573 %
Longab 100.000,01 – 1.000.000,007.073 %
Longab 1.000.000,016.573 %
Shortto 100.000,000.000 %
Shortab 100.000,01 – 1.000.000,000.000 %
Shortab 1.000.000,010.000 %
AUDLongAlle7.488 %
ShortAlle-0.012 %
CHFLongto 100.000,006.696 %
Longab 100.000,01 – 1.000.000,006.196 %
Longab 1.000.000,015.696 %
Shortto 100.000,00-0.804 %
Shortab 100.000,01 – 1.000.000,00-0.804 %
Shortab 1.000.000,01-0.804 %
CZKLongAlle6.498 %
ShortAlle0.000 %
DKKLongAlle6.921 %
ShortAlle-0.579 %
GBPLongto 65.000,007.513 %
Longab 65.000,01 - 650.000,007.013 %
Longab 650.000,016.513 %
Shortto 65.000,000.000 %
Shortab 65.000,01 - 650.000,000.000 %
Shortab 650.000,010.000 %
HKDLongAlle7.542 %
ShortAlle0.000 %
JPYLongAlle7.392 %
ShortAlle-0.108 %
NOKLongto 850.000,007.728 %
Longab 850.000,01 – 8.500.000,007.228 %
Longab 8.500.000,016.728 %
Shortto 850.000,000.000 %
Shortab 850.000,01 – 8.500.000,000.000 %
Shortab 8.500.000,010.000 %
SEKLongto 850.000,007.311 %
Longab 850.000,01 – 8.500.000,006.811 %
Longab 8.500.000,016.311 %
Shortto 850.000,00-0.189 %
Shortab 850.000,01 – 8.500.000,00-0.189 %
Shortab 8.500.000,01-0.189 %
SGDLongAlle0.000 %
ShortAlle0.000 %
Interest is valid from 26. November 2021table=interest_stock_cfds;dbid=8;lang=en_GB


Contact Information on cancellation/deletion

If you have any questions or require some explanation, please contact us on stock exchange trading days on the following number +49 (030) 789 59 75 - 0 or make use of our contact form.


Customers are fully responsible for their own trading.

The trading fees incurred for each order are displayed in the order confirmation window of the trading access system before the order is sent. In sending the order, the customer confirms and accepts these order fees and all the stock exchange and broker regulations associated with it.

Some stock exchanges charge fees on deleted or modified orders. They are mainly those where options or futures are traded, but not normally stock exchanges. If necessary, they are offset with fee credits. We would specifically point out that the fees charged do not just have to consist of costs that are passed on. Fees may also be waived, even if the stock exchange charges fees. Agora asserts the right to demand fees or not to demand them, regardless of third parties’ fee regulations.

If third parties like stock exchanges or clearing houses, change, do away with or add fees, taxes or other levies in addition to the prices published here, they will be passed on to the customer without any additional surcharge. This may be the case, for example, if a stock exchange charges a customer fees for deleting, modifying and/or cancelling incorrect business transactions or the customer personally provides instructions for this kind of cancellation or change in trading. In both cases, they shall bear the full costs. These costs are debited from the customer’s account when they become due.

Orders are primarily accepted as a “smart routing” type of order, because this allows better bidding and asking prices to be made available. The customer may also change orders separately and therefore route them to a stock exchange of their choice. This may create a situation where the trading centre specially selected by the customer also charges its own fees. The customer is responsible for obtaining information about possible additional fees/levies and possibly taxes at the specially selected trading place. Agora direct may also be available to provide information, if requested, without providing any conclusive guarantees for this. If customers are unclear about the costs, they should consult Agora direct before issuing the order. Agora will not recognise any complaints made subsequently.

If the customer foregoes the better “smart routing” option described above, in which the NYSE is naturally also included, and the customer sends an order directly to the NYSE instead of using “smart routing”, the NYSE charges an additional processing fee on any order, which is in the NYSE order books for longer than 5 minutes, the so-called NYSE Directed Order Handling Fee. This typically amounts to a sum of USD 0.01 per share. The customer is charged this additional fee if this order is not placed via “smart routing”. Generally, it is true that if the use of the “NYSE Directed Order” transfer method accounts for five percent of the total trading volume in the account, a “specialist pass through” fee is due for payment.

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