Find and trade in shares through our professional trading platform at the most important stock exchanges in the world at more than 120 markets. You can trade in shares at the Xetra stock exchange from EUR 3.95 including all fees via Agora direct. You can trade in US shares at the NYSE or NASDAQ from US$ 2.50 including all fees.

Shares, ETFs, ETCs and ETNs: prices and fees

Stock exchanges (countries)Order feesMinimumparticularities
XETRA Germany
0,12%3,85 EURAll inclusive - max. € 99.00
XETRA Austria
0,14%4,50 EURAll inclusive - max. € 99.00
Frankfurt Stock Exchange FWB
0,14%4,50 EURplus any exchange, settlement and regulatory fees
Stuttgart Präsenzbörse SWB
0,14%4,50 EURplus any exchange, settlement and regulatory fees
0,14%4,50 EURplus any exchange, settlement and regulatory fees
Sonstige EUR-Aktien-Handel
0,14%4,50 EURplus any exchange, settlement and regulatory fees
0,019 USD2,50 USDper share (up to 500 shares) but only a maximum of 1.25% of the trading value
0,009 USD2,50 USDper share (from 501 shares) but only a maximum of 1.25% of the trading value
USA - OTC-Werte / PINK
0,019 USD5,00 USDper share (up to 50,000 shares), max.1.25% of the trading value if applicable plus external fees
USA - OTC-Werte / PINK
0,009 USD5,00 USDper share (from 50,001 shares), max.1.25% of the trading value if applicable plus external fees
0,14%9,98 CHFAll inclusive
Great Britain
0,14%8,00 GBPplus max. legal Stamp duty 0.5%
0,14%14,95 PLNAll inclusive
0,14%4,50 EURAll inclusive
0,14%4,50 EURAll inclusive
0,14%4,50 EURplus max. legal Stamp duty 1.0% Irish values are traded on LSE
0,20%11,00 ISLAll inclusive
0,14%3,95 EURAll inclusive
0,14%3,95 EURAll inclusive
0,14%3,95 EURMax. 120.00 €
0,14%3,95 EURAll inclusive
0,14%3,95 EURAll inclusive
0,14%25 NOKAll inclusive
Russian Federation
0,14%150 RUBAll inclusive
0,14%15 SEKAll inclusive
0,14%14 EURAll inclusive
0,14%14 EURAll inclusive
0,14%14 EURAll inclusive
0,17%345 HUFAll inclusive
0,019 CAD5,00 CADper share (up to 500 shares) but only a maximum of 1.25% of the trading value
0,009 CAD5,00 CADper share (from 501 shares) but only a maximum of 1.25% of the trading value
Canada / Pennystocks
0,019 CAD5,00 CADper share (up to 50,000 shares), max.1.25% of the trading value if applicable plus external fees
Canada / Pennystocks
0,009 CAD5,00 CADper share (from 50,001 shares), max.1.25% of the trading value if applicable plus external fees
0,14%80 MXNAll inclusive
0,14%105 INRAll inclusive, Handel nur für indische Staatsbürger möglich
0,14%600 JPYAll inclusive
0,14%6,00 SGDAll inclusive
0,14%25 HKDAll inclusive
0,14%60 CHNAll inclusive
0,14%11,50 AUDAll inclusive


Strategies for trading in shares

Shares represent the documented right that the owner of a share has a proportional part of the ownership of a share company. Shares can be traded at one or several stock exchanges or even outside stock exchanges.

Long position

The interested party can purchase shares by specifying a price and a number of shares. This puts them in what is known as a long position. They expect the share value to increase so that they can sell the share for a higher price at a later point in time.

Short position – genuine short selling

If the interested party does not expect the value of a share to rise or remain constant, they have the opportunity to bet on a falling price. They achieve this by a so-called short sell of the share concerned. That is to say, this is nothing other than the fact that they will sell the share for a certain price. They open a short position. The broker lends the shares to be sold to the seller and the latter sells this share and obtains cash in return. The seller can sell the share more cheaply at a later time and then return it to the broker.

In both cases, the share was bought for a particular price and sold at a higher price. The only difference is the time of the trading activities.

Fees for short sells

Apart from the normal share trading fees, no additional fees are incurred with short selling. But it is possible that the party lending the shares may normally demand a small lending fee. This may be the case, e.g. before the announcement of any dividend payment.

It goes without saying that we are seeking to expand the range on offer constantly. However, it is possible that not all the shares/stocks are available because of certain rules at individual stock exchanges. Please use our product search facility to check, whether the share you want is tradable .

Information on dividend payments

Please note that for dividend payments, the short seller is called on to pay the dividend. In return, the share price is subject to a dividend payout, from which the short seller benefits.


Contact National stock exchange regulations & fees Example of calculation Product request

If you have any questions or require some explanation, please contact us on stock exchange trading days on the following number: +49 (030) 789 59 75 - 0 or make use of our contact form.

Information for trading with shares, ETFs, ETCs, ETNs
  • A claim for trading fees exists for each order and on all types of orders.
  • The trading fees shown are final prices. They include all the stock exchange and other outside costs, if they are not listed separately. This is the case, for example, when trading with OTC / Pink Sheet assets.
  • In conjunction with the use of the smart routing service, orders are routed to a stock exchange, which offers the best price, but which calculates higher fees. All the stock exchange fees, special fees and other expenses are always calculated with regard to the individual value.
  • Value-added tax (VAT), in many cases also called the consumer tax or the tax on goods and services, may be calculated separately for the services concerned.
  • Any changed orders are treated as the cancellation and replacement of an existing order by the new order. At certain stock exchanges, this can create a situation where the current minimum commission due for changed orders is handled in the same way as for new orders. If, for example, you place an order for 200 shares, of which 100 shares are traded and you then change the order, in response to which the remaining 100 shares are traded, the minimum fee will be due for both trading actions involving 100 shares. Any orders, which remain overnight, are viewed as new orders for the purposes of calculating the minimum order on the following day.
  • Those customers, who send a non-marketable limited order involving an unusual number of items directly to the New York Stock Exchange may possibly incur additional costs anfallen. This kinds of orders might be processed separately on the trading floor and a fee could be charged for this. In this kind of vary rare case, the customer concerned will be contacted in advance.
  • For orders in Great Britain, Ireland, France, Italy and Switzerland, additional mandatory state charges, may be due – they are also called financial transaction or stamp duty taxes. They are passed on directly to the customer and are therefore charged to the customer’s account. In Great Britain, the maximum figure is 0.5%, in Ireland it is no more than 1% and in Switzerland the figure is no more than 0.075%.
    In France and Italy, when customers purchase shares in French and Italian companies with a defined minimum market capitalisation, a financial transaction tax is automatically deducted in line with the current situation in December 2015; this amounts to no more than 0.2% of the value of the transaction.
Fees for partial trading – an example of calculations:

No partial trading fees if you purchase 2,000 shares in one order on one trading day.

Handling the order:

500 shares on Monday at 9.05 a.m.
500 shares on Monday at 11.30 a.m.
500 shares on Monday at 2 p.m.
500 shares on Monday at 4.30 p.m.
1 order fee

A partial trading fee if you purchase 2,000 shares in one order on two trading days.

Handling the order:

1,000 shares on Tuesday at 4 p.m.
1,000 shares on Wednesday at 9.05 a.m.
2 order fees

Example of euros (Xetra stock exchange:

260 shares at EUR 12.50 = EUR 3.90 in trading fees
15,000 shares at EUR 0.25 = EUR 4.50 in trading fees

Example of US dollars:

250 shares at USD 45.00 = US$ 4.75 in trading fees
10,000 shares at USD 0.02 = US% 2.50 in trading fees

Do you need some information on the transaction fee for a particular product? Then send us an e-mail using our contact form.

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